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Our Vision

The purpose of the Trust is to enable good lives for people with disabilities through education, employment, social and community participation.

Our Principles

The Trust is committed, in attaining its purposes to the principles of ENABLING GOOD LIVES, in particular to support:



Disabled people are in control of their lives.


Ordinary life outcomes

Disabled people are supported to live an everyday life in everyday places; and are regarded as citizens with opportunities for learning, employment, having a home and family, and social participation – like others at similar stages of life.

Mainstream First

Disabled people are supported to access mainstream services before specialist disability services

Mana enhancement

The abilities and contributions of disabled people and their families are recognised and respected.


Relationship building

Supports building and strengthening relationships between disabled people, their whānau and community.

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Mahi Tahi Tatou Board

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens

Trust Co Ordinator

Nikki King

Nikki King

Board Chair

Jen Ward

Jen Ward


Teresa Hogg

Teresa Hogg


Our People

Kathryn Green

Admin / Drop In

Jo Biszak

Day Programme Coordinator

Phill Talbot

Mowing and Gardening Team Leader

Vanessa Maxwell

Admin/ Day Programme

Delaney Brown

Mowing and Gardening 

Todd Neal

Mowing and Gardening

Tom Verran

Wairarapa Mowing

Tony Wilson

Wairarapa Mowing

Kaede Kempthorne

Day Programme

Mel Haua

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“Mā to rourou, mā tōku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi”

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